Viktoria Logoida is today one of the most esteemed and well-know International Master Trainers in Italy and Europe.

In Italy from Ukraine five years ago, now she lives and works in Turin, Italy and, only for this autumn 2018, has planned her Masters and Courses in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Albania, Hungary, etc. as well as in the major Italian cities and participation as Speaker at International Congresses including the latest in Vietnam, Turkey, Lithuania, Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine and Italy.

The peculiarity of Viktoria is its ability to create personalized Pmu treatments, which adapt to the client’s look, to the shape of her face and above all to her skin type and age because each skin reacts differently to pigments and to the various techniques that are available today and each person is a new blank sheet to interpret.

This ability is mainly due to two factors: the first is given by its decades of experience as a Make Up Artist in Ukraine where it has collaborated with the most important beauty centers and where it has achieved notoriety by working for the most famous photographers in the field of fashion and Fashion Week, becoming a Make Up Artist appreciated and recognized in the world of fashion and advertising.

The second factor is an innate natural talent that allowed her, in just four years of PMU activity, to perform treatments on the faces of thousands of people between eyebrows, lips and eyes. The enormous amount of treatments performed allowed him to accumulate, in such a short time, a great experience on the different types of skin to be treated and a long case of post-treatment. At this time he has customized his techniques to patent several of which the best known ones are the hair pile technique ®CHEVEU and the famous technique ®VELOURS of progressive nuance applied with a needle to a tip and a handle at ninety degrees for eyebrows, lips and eyes. A delicate and precise nuance technique, where you need to know how to use the single-point needle with extreme precision, allowing maximum precision and gradual gradualness in the nuance. The skill, the one-pointed needle and the delicacy make the client feel no pain during the treatment. “The multi-needle tips – explains Viktoria – are more likely to hit the same point on the skin several times with the risk of traumatizing it too much”.


Viktoria Logoida, after becoming a well-known operator, decided to share her knowledge, teaching her to other operators through the Master Class organization of her techniques and, in particular with great success, she designed the PMU BASIC LEVEL for all enthusiasts who decide to learn the profession of the Permanet Make Up from scratch.

“I immediately noticed – tells us Viktoria – how in Italy there was the lack of highly professional basic courses that started in the profession by applying the most recent realistic techniques coming from Eastern European countries. Many courses still based on old techniques and old methods, sometimes teachers who still practice tribal eyebrow tattooing “. Thus was born the company VIKA PMU – Studio & Training Center which, in collaboration with C.I.D. the International Dermopigmentation Association of which it is a part, has begun to bring throughout the whole of Italy (from Northern Italy in Turin and Milan to the South with Naples and Bari) a breath of novelty from the East with its basic courses. Same thing for the advanced Pmu Masters reserved for the operators of the sector. “Turning Italy – continues Viktoria – I am amazed how many operators who come to my Masters, despite being known and working a lot, are still” set “with the old techniques, know very little about the fundamentals of colorimetry and existing skin phototypes and they have wrong techniques for the preparatory drawing, where they sometimes spend 40/50 minutes just for that. “

But his company, the VIKA PMU – Studio & Training Center, also wanted to become a reality of confrontation and international growth between operators, organizing and also promoting Master Classes of great international professionals.

“Unfortunately, being a very growing sector from the point of view of the economic market, all sorts of courses have sprung up, too commercial and improvised and very unprofessional, in particular in the Pemanent manual technique. I happen to see more and more people who have recently finished a basic course and who have very few treatments behind them, improvising in the world of courses and masters by teaching things they don’t even know. But I am increasingly convinced that in this sector in the long run professionalism, study, research, competence and transparency will prevail and those unprofessional realities, even if promoted by important advertising investments and by an aggressive marketing strategy, in the long run will not will be rewarded “