Viktoria Logoida has also become an expert in the techniques for removing Pmu and Cover Up treatments. After having learned the secrets of laser removal in Russia from the leading experts in the field, which allowed him to learn about the medical aspects of skin reaction, in Italy he studied the techniques of remouve with dermographer by starting very successful Permanent Remoids courses reserved for operators. “The removal of poorly executed Pmu treatments or color-coded treatments do not concern the future but are a necessity of the present. Unfortunately, more and more improvised and unprofessional operators are creating widespread damage on people’s faces. A ruined client does not always feel that she is undergoing laser removal treatment and is not always the most suitable treatment, as well as being much more expensive. But the Remouve treatments are a very serious practice and must be performed by trained, duly trained operators and above all they must use a product that complies with Italian legislation and does not contain acid or aggressive substances or that risks damaging the skin or causing keloids or scars. Call for a free consultation on your situation and to check if it is possible to intervene with my Remouve treatments.