How to improve one’s look and image by intervening with the Pmu on the lips. For those who are dissatisfied with the color of their lips, their shape, for those who have symmetry problems, for those who want to give greater depth or for those who want to have a permanent “Lipstick effect” or those who want the new 3D shades, aim to create a more meaty and voluminous effect.

The skin of the lips, contrary to what one might think, is thicker than in the eyebrows. But it has a very delicate area that must always be carefully preserved. This is the outer contour to the lips that has a very different dermis structure, where … Intervention in this area often causes undesirable color changes. You can enlarge and thicken the lip contour but at the most two or three millimeters always preserving this area. To create an effect of voluminous and fleshy lips, it is necessary to intervene with nuances inside the lips called light points that must be done with great skill and with a single point needle and with a careful choice of the pigments to be used.