Intimate Dermopigmentation

Viktoria Logoida began some time ago to deepen intimate dermopigmentation even after a client, to whom she had eyebrows, asked her if she could solve one of her needs: thicken her pubic hair with a very realistic effect. “The client – Viktoria confirms – was very satisfied and since then I also became interested in the Pmu intima, carrying out various treatments and patenting the INTIMATE and INTIMATE HAIR ART techniques“. Viktoria started to advertise this type of treatment with a post on facebook that showed the photo of the treatment carried out: a star made for a girl. The post had millions of views. Thus, conceived by Viktoria, as also recognized by the famous Italian blog of the sector CLIO MAKEUP, the practice of Pmu Intimo officially begins. And in 2017 the presentation at a PMU Congress in Rome invited as Speakers to present the INTIMATE HAIR ART protocol to the operators. “Pubic hair – explains viktoria – has always been a topic that divides women and public opinion.

History reminds us how society and our reference models condition our lifestyle, behavior and our look. I am not interested in participating in the debate between those in favor or against hair removal. I am simply a professional who has begun to study in depth the area of ​​intimate micropigmentation. My only thought is to carry out with the utmost professionalism and care, the free choice of a woman who wants to feel more comfortable with her body and wants to make the design and the skin of her intimate area. form of pubic hair that most prefers through a treatment of INTIMATE HAIR STROKES ART ”.