For the woman who has little time but always wants to have a perfect make-up in any circumstance and occasion. To be impeccable even when you have just woken up. For practicality, for lack of time, to always have the correct design, shape and nuance and that I want, because we see little.

The importance of making a correct shade with a perfect make-up effect. The eye contour is an extremely delicate area of ​​the body. The result will be all the more successful as the realization of the nuance will be perfect. Viktoria Logoida is the creator of the shading technique “VELOURS”, whose brands are all registered. A technique of delicate and very precise nuance, where it is necessary to know how to use with extreme mastery the needle with only 1 tip that allows the maximum precision and above all a gradual gradation in the nuance according to the area of ​​the eyelid of where one intervenes. However, in order to use the 1-point needle it is necessary to be able to intervene with great delicacy and precision. The skill, the 1-point needle and the delicacy make the client feel no pain during the treatment. The multi-needle tips are more likely, in the beating oscillation, to hit the same point on the skin several times with the risk of causing microtrauma to the eyelid.

The duration of treatment varies from two to five years depending on the type of skin and the genetics of the person treated. That is the time that passes since the treatment begins to fade and lose color.

The images that you can see here highlight only some of the hundreds of treatments performed by Viktoria Logoida. Not only talent and technical ability but also a lot of experience and many different case studies that represent an exceptional background of knowledge. All real images, before and after treatment and after copyright recovery. No use of photoshop or photo editing.

But Viktoria Logoida, before becoming an International Permanent Make-up Master Trainer, was born and became known in Eastern Europe as a makeup artist expert in the fashion, fashion shows and television world. His ability and knowledge of make-up represented the most precious basic knowledge for knowing how to decide with the right technique and skill, the intervention of Permanent Correct Make-up that best suits the most suitable individual customer based on the skin type, to the shape of the eyes, to their size and to the demands of the client herself.

Your eyes deserve the best, rely on the best. Click and book directly from the site your free consultation by Viktoria Logoida in the center of Turin at the specialist center.