Mousse iColor, cleans the skin by removing excess PMU pigment.
Gentle on the skin!

1 pump 1 touch

Gently cleanses the skin from cosmetics and preparatory design

Cleans and removes excess PMU pigment without leaving traces of coloring components

Gently cleanses the lash line and takes care of the extensions

Cleaner for PMU treatment

The hypoallergenic formula of iColor Mousse is suitable for working on sensitive areas of the skin and eyebrows. The foam does not cause irritation or redness.

iColor Mousse completely erases excess PMU pigments on the first pass, without leaving even the smallest traces of coloring components.

The thick consistency of the foam does not flow on the skin and immediately captures impurities, which allows for quick and thorough cleaning of the skin.

The light fragrance of iColor Mousse foam makes the cleaning process pleasant for both the operator and the customer.