iCOLOR Pigments for Eyebrows


Deep Brown • 5 ml

The darkest color in the palette is based on black, yellow and green pigments. Ideal for brunettes with tan or olive skin. Intensive cold pigment, heals as a dark chocolate colour. It can be used for shading or eyeliner.

Brown • 5 ml

Warm brown, medium saturation color. Suitable for powder (shadow) feathering, the required number of passes – 2-3. Pigment based on black, red and yellow colors.

Appearance (colour): clean or with a copper sheen of brown-haired, medium chestnut or caramel hair color, warm color.

Terra brown • 5 ml

calm/neutral colour with average saturation index. May be used in powdery shading, shading and hairstroke technique. Terra Brown does not require corrector and may be a bit darkened by adding Black & Brown. Terra Brown is less intensive and thick than Natural Brown.

Appearance (colour): Is absolutely neutral to all skin types. It interacts with all types of eyes. It will look colder on cold (shade) skin and warmer on warm (shade) skin. Hair may be either dark blond or chestnut.