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Pigments for eyebrows
iColor basic line

100% predictable result even in the most difficult situations

Pigments for lips
iColor basic line

Pigments for eyes
iColor basic line

IColor Correction Pigments 10 ml.

Correct the unwanted color change

Bronze – Olive – Mustard

DELUXE line lips pigments

Six very special shades for the lips

To meet all your customer’s needs.

Mini Kit iColor Pigments BASIC line of 5 ml.

Three kits of 3 pigments 5ml  Correctors – Eyebrows – Lips

iColor FIX Post treatment

Post treatment for eyebrows and lips. It holds the pigment under the skin.

Mousse iColor for Pmu

iColor Mousse completely erases excess PMU pigments on the first pass, without leaving even the smallest traces of coloring components.

Gentle on the skin!

IColor pencils Preparatory drawing

IColor pencils for the PMU preparatory drawing of eyebrows and lips

Whater resistent: the preparatory drawing does not disappear when you clean


New PROCEDURE with new PIGMENTS for a bright and fashionable PMU make-up. Designed for bringing young girls closer to the PMU


– Remouve Pigment Killer is a very effective and safe, non-toxic and non-acid removal solution. It does not contain ingredients that can damage the melanin of the customers’ skin and does not contain prohibited substances.

Macchinari Dermatek

Made in Italia 100% e Certificati

Modello Lisaone e Basic con pagamenti rateali

Pigmenti Dermatek

Pigmenti Sopracciglia e Labbra Certificati

Disponibili anche in Kit da 5 ml

Prodotti Microneedling Revitalderm Dermatek

Per ringiovanire la pelle, trattare rughe, macchie, cicatrici da acne, pori dilatati, ecc.

Kit professionale da cabina

Kit da mantenimento casa

Post trattamento Dermagel Dermacure

Per un servizio professionale e completo per gestire il post trattamento delle tue clienti.

Crema in bustine per la tua cliente

Crema in barattolo per cabina.

Monouso PMU

Tutti i prodotti Monouso sterili per il Pmu

Disinfezione Pmu

Tutti i prodotti per disinfettare e sterilizzare

Arredo Pmu

Poltrone motorizzate, sgabelli, carrelli, lampade professionali per trattamento e foto


Scarica qui le certificazioni dei Pigmenti acquistati


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